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We buy houses in Fresno, in any condition through-out California!

How it works

We Buy Houses in Fresno through cash

Willing to sell your property in Fresno and the Central Valley instantly and easily?

More than one thousand properties have been bought by us from owners just like yourself in the central valley including Madera, Fresno, Merced and kings

We also buy properties in the following counties in California

Fresno County, Clovis, Salinas, Madera County, Kings County, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Tulare County, Kern County, San Joaquin County, Stanislaus County, Sacramento County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Orange County.

We do not act as a referral network, we are Fresno CA based local house buyers that have introduced an easy and effective way where house owners can sell their houses instantly.We offer fair prices to buy houses in cash and also we can close on your time frame

Selling a house can be very time-consuming and expensive.Sometimes there are too many complexities.A huge amount of money is charged by the real estate agents only for a single sale.But with us, you can sell your property without any stress.We will make the whole process easy and simple because we will do what we have promised that is making property selling trouble-free.

Got a house that needs repair?

we buy houses in fresno

We will buy your home even if it is in bad condition and needs heavy repairing.Sell it as it is

Having trouble with payments?

sell house fast in fresno - no hassle

We will help you in making those payments by buying your house instantly and in trouble-free manner

Do you wish to sell a home that you inherit ?

how to sell your house fast in Fresno

With us it is easy to sell your inherited home.You don't even need to be present in town to sell it.

Sell your home with confidence!

We buy houses in Fresno, Madera, Kings, Merced and Tulare Counties.

We have purchased:

Vacation Homes, Burned-Out Homes, Farms, Ranches, Rental Properties with Problem Tenants!

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Get your cash offer and let us take it from here! 559-906-7067

Does selling your house need to be so difficult?

If you sell your house through the conventional real estate system then it could take weeks or even months and also it will cost you a lot of money. Sometimes it gets too complicated for the sellers because one common mistake that Real Estate Agents advises the seller to ask for a higher price than needed ( or a seller might decide to do so if he's listing the home as FSBO i.e For Sale By Owner ). Usually, they do this to analyze the response of the people in the market and to create a situation where sometimes after some price negotiation they may get a good price which is higher than the original.However this can even result in unfavorable situations, suppose if the seller wants to make a quick sale but does not get any buyer for house because of it being overpriced , so when it remains unsold for many days then the potential buyers in the real estate market assumes that there may be something WRONG with the property.We will remove all the stress involved in property selling, will make it an quick and fair experience because it is our guarantee and promise to you that you will get a fair deal.We will help you in selling your house in a quick manner plus you do not need to waste your hard earned money by paying all those fees like Real estate agent fees, closing fees etc.We use an escrow company, like a normal real estate transaction, we just take out all of the pain.

So you do not need to wait for 30 days or 60 Days to sell your house, we will be buying your house in just 7 days or even less, it's because you will be dealing directly with us and we will be paying you cash.So you will be saving your pockets by avoiding to pay thousands of realtor fees.

It’s simple to get started…

Contact us now by calling 559-906-7067 or fill out the fast response form below now.

Sell your home fast.
“As Is”. In 7 days or less.

We are your local and trusted House buying company in the Fresno-Central Valley!