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Probate Real Estate

Is your property situated near Fresno California and you are willing to sell a house that is inherited by you or the house which is in probate? We know that it's a very hard period in life when your loved one is gone and dealing with the probate process at the same time makes things even worse.

We can help you in dealing with the often complex issues of Wills, title, Multiple heirs for the will, probate and property condition.Our experience of years of handling such cases can make things easier for you, we will assist you in dealing with your concerns and will resolve them quickly and confidentially.

If your house is in a bad condition and needs a repair, do not worry, we buy houses in all type of conditions.We also deal with situations like tenant eviction or even cleaning.We do not take any extra penny for these services neither we take any commission like those Real Estate Agents because we are the ones who will buy your property and will give you cash.